word meaning let me know

خواص دارویی و گیاهی   Vocabulary    Let Me Know “Let Me Know” is a song by Irish recording artist Róisín Murphy from her second solo studio album, Overpowered. Written and produced by Murphy and Andy Cato of Groove Armada, the song was released as the album’s second single on 8 October 2007. “Let Me… ادامه خواندن word meaning let me know

معنی کلمه let me

خواص دارویی و گیاهی گذشته: let,   گذشته کامل: let,   1. I’ll let you know when we’ve set a date for the meeting . 1. شما را خبر میکنیم وقتی تاریخی برای جلسه تعیین کردیم. 2. Let me know if you can come on Friday . 2. من را خبر کن اگر می توانی… ادامه خواندن معنی کلمه let me